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Professional Home and Property Services

Fannin Professional Services & Window Cleaning operates on the high end of the spectrum. We  provide a custom service to every property, knowing that each one is unique. Fannin Professional is the most prestigious service of its kind. Offering more than just a window washing service, our highest goal is customer satisfaction and property maintenance.  From window cleaning,  window blind cleaning and gutter cleaning to wood polishing, pressure washing and caulking, our service provides the highest degree of diligence and care.

All properties are thoroughly inspected for problematic elements and reported during all services performed. Safety of your property as well as those in and around the property is our highest concern. Fannin Professional Services operates with safe equipment designed to perform work without damage and leave an unmatched level of service.  Full Liability Insurance so you can rest easily!

Professional Window Cleaning

Window washers typically clean the windows only and skip the frame and sill, especially if the window is in an area that usually is not visible. Our Professional Window Cleaners start by brushing spider webs, knocking down dirt daubers' and wasps' nests around the window first, next the window frame scrubbed down and cleaned. Then, the window is cleaned with non-abrasive tools and a simple soap and water mixture. After the window is finalized, the dirt and remaining soap and water is cleaned up leaving the sill and tracks just as clean as the frame and windows. Water is a resource, and Fannin Professional Services is so Eco-Conscious that they pour any remaining water from the buckets on trees and grass. Don't fall for advertising gimmicks like "waterless window cleaning" or "water fed poles make them cleaner." All it takes to clean a window is the right tools and some elbow grease.

Rain Gutter Cleaning

When it comes to Rain Gutter Cleaning, safety is the highest concern. Using equipment that is designed to prevent damage is a must! Fannin Professional Services is equipped with ladders that will not damage your roof, gutters, or walls. Gutter and Downspout cleaning is not always as easy as one might think. Depending on the Roof type (metal, shingle, ceramic or tile) and pitch, the safest way is not always easy. Our Professionals have experience to make the best decision for every situation.  It is important to have Rain Gutters checked on a routine basis to prevent unwanted damage, pests, and smells.

Our Gutter Cleaners start by collecting debris on the roof and valleys (only when the roof is safely accessible), placing all debris collected in paper lawn bags. Once the Roof and valleys have been cleared, the Gutters are cleaned out. As each section of gutters' debris is collected, the downspouts are also checked for a clear passage. Taking it another step further, Our Professionals brush off the exterior (visible) of the rain gutter. Some gutters have screens over them, leaving the impression that the gutters inside are clean and just the screens need cleaned off. This is a misconception. Usually, if the Screened Gutters are covered with debris for longer than 6-9 months, decomposition begins to accumulate in the bottom of the rain gutter, causing blockage to the downspout. Over time, Rain Gutters full of composted leaves and branches become heavier and can cause the gutter to sag and damage your roof trim. Have your Rain Gutters checked today by a Fannin Professional Services Representative!

List of services:
  • Window Cleaning
  • Window Blind Cleaning
  • Window Restoration (Removal of paint, stain, cement, mortar, stucco, etc.)
  • Insect/ Solar Screen Cleaning
  • Outdoor Patios/ Screened Porches
  • Insect Debris Removal (wasp, hornet, dirt dauber, spider webs)
  • Wood Restoration and Polish
  • Light Fixtures and Chandeliers
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Mirrors/ Glass Showers
  • Stainless Steel
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Leaf Pickup/Composting
  • Mildew/Algae Removal
  • Boat Dock Cleaning
  • Outdoor Concrete and Stone cleaning
  • Ceiling to Floor Dusting
  • Light Bulb Replacement
  • Holiday Lights and Decorations
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