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Our Schedule is just as important as yours. Our team arrives on time, if there is a delay, you will know ahead of time.


We utilize methods and equipment that are designed specifically for the cleaning task assigned. No short cuts.

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Friendly staff with experience working in all types of properties. All team members are trained in safe practices.

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Trust your home with our reputation for dependable and honest services.

Joe Fannin

Chief Of Operations

Kim Fannin

Sales and Marketing

Kraig F.

Crew Manager
Joe has been working in the home service industry for over 12 years. 
At 21 years old, Joe was managing a property maintenance company, running a crew of 4-5 laborers and monthly gross output was >$30-40k. The crew worked well under Joe's supervision and maintained a steady reputation for hard work and diligence.
Joe went on to contracting with his brother in the HVAC industry. While working with many sub-contractors and trades in the midwest, he began to have a vision of building a property maintenance company determined to be professional with a great reputation. In 2008, after the mortgage crises, Joe moved back to Austin, Texas and pursued the HVAC trade once again for employment. 

Joseph proposed to Kimberly at the end of 2009, while working as a sub-contractor and a parking valet. Joe and Kim were married in 2012 in Driftwood, Texas. 

By the time Joe was 26, he was sub-contracting for many custom home builders in the Austin, TX metro area. Specializing in post- construction cleaning, he became very familiar with all types of properties, from the inside out. It was not long after the beginning of 2013, when Joe realized he was ready to embark on his journey. As a hard working professional, with experience in just about everything from the foundation to the roofing, Joe was ready to launch a company that he would be proud to call his own.

Fannin Professional Services was the name he selected. Joe felt that putting his name on the business was the best way to express his commitment to a reputable company, with results his customers could depend on. Honesty, integrity and professionalism were, and continue to be, key factors in building a business with a strong reputation.

Keeping his focus on being a 5 star rated business, Joe built a customer base from nothing. Reviews on Yelp.com and other social media sites have been a constant reminder to keep up the hard work and dedication. More and more happy customers continue to spread the word of Fannin Professional's work. With a professional attitude and an honest heart, Joe and his team care about delivering a service that customers trust in their home.

In 2014, window washing, pressure washing and gutter cleaning services were in constant demand. Real estate listings were on a rise and Joe needed more and more help. Eventually Joe hired his wife​,​ Kim​,​ to be the Sales/Marketing and Office Manager. She began to excel at working with the team to build a repertoire of networking connections in the Austin, TX market. Their team continues to grow as word spreads of their superb customer service.

Kimberly Ann has a Bachelor's Degree in History from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. She worked as a Pharmacy Technician for almost 10 years through college and ​continuing after she graduated. Kim worked for an entrepreneur ​at a small local pharmacy in San Marcos, TX. As the office manager for the small business owner, Kimberly was an asset to the community.

 Although she had her sights set on retail sales and marketing, she loved working closely with local customers in a small college town. Landing a job in a prominent sales company, Kim quickly became a leading Sales Manager at a key location in South Austin, Tx. In no time, she was promoted to training and mentoring. Kim soon began to take seminars and training on sales, marketing, training and negotiations. 

As a well respected professional, Kimberly began to hit the top sales goals and compete in the national sales charts for a leading mattress company. As time went on Joe needed the expertise that Kim had been sharpening for his business. ​​Eventually, Kim and Joe were ready for a family. They had a daughter in 2015, starting a family was a huge joy to them as a couple working together everyday.

As entrepreneurs, The Fannin's have been fortunate to build a business from nothing into a renown home and commercial property maintenance​ company.

Kraig has worked with Joe since 2014, who have been family friends for many years. He enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, climbing and caving. 
Kraig has a calm demeanor and great attitude. As a Manager, he takes his job seriously and truly cares about being a part of the team. 
Fannin Professional Services is even stronger with his commitment to quality and safety. Kraig is determined to be a prime example of a professional service provider everyday of the year.
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