Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

New Construction, Remodels, Restorations, and Make Readies  all have one thing in common, the Finished Product. When it comes to projects big and small, no one has more experience than Fannin Professional Services and Window Cleaning. Contractors and Sub-Contractors all have a different part of the puzzle to work on. Sometimes they work together, and other times they don't. Fannin Professional Services offers a unique perception on this topic: Project Protection. Offering preventative measures to deter from damage is our goal. Don't risk damage to your project just to save a dollar, rest easily knowing you hired Fannin Professional Services to preserve your hard work and diligence.

We offer the best Pre/Post Construction Services, Specializing in Custom Homes with Tempered Glass. Operating with non abrasive equipment, we hand clean all surfaces ensuring no damage will be done. Taking it another step, we offer Pre- inspections. Curious if the windows were damaged during installation? Fannin Professional Services & Window Cleaning knows what to look for. Scratches on your glass? Is it an eyesore? Ask us for an inspection before your Client sees the damage and wants it replaced!
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