FAQ- Frenquently Asked Questions

Questions relating to Window Cleaning:

What do you use to clean windows?
   Our window cleaning consists of hand washed with eco-friendly, sustainably produced detergent soap, non-abrasive tools , recycled surgical towels and water.

What do I need to do in preparation of interior cleaning?
We aim to be as careful as possible, inside and out of the home, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. The only thing we can recommend is moving any delicate or fragile items away from windows. In most cases, our team can move small furniture and put it back once completed.

What do we do with our pets?
Our team members are familiar with pets and do not mind friendly affection. If you have an escape artist, let our team know where you have put the furry friend and we will work with you to keep them inside.

Fannin Professional Services 

Property Assessment:
Pets outside? Friendly? 
Gated entry? Code? Gated fencing combo?
Any pre-existing damage/concerns?
Have you had this done before?
Will someone be home during the service?
Window cleaning: All window cleaning is done by hand using professional tools with ladders and safety accessories. Any fragile items are suggested to be moved or put in a safe area away from windows and doors.
Are any windows tinted?
Do all locks/hardware work? Any existing problems?
Large furniture in the way? Any sensitive flooring or surfaces?
Are screens mounted inside or outside?
Pressure washing: Is water available onsite?       
which water source?
Have you had this done before? Date?
Anything within 15 ft of the area will get wet. All doors and windows are susceptible to leaking. Please alert us of any known issues of water leaks.
Reset all GFCU outlets and breakers post-cleaning.
Please place towels on floors at all doorways near cleaning.
House washing and pressure washing will leave windows dirty.
Are there any outdoor electronics? Peeling Paint or fading?
Any drainage issues or known flooding in areas?    

Gutter/ Roof Cleaning: All gutter and roof cleaning is done with ladders and safety accessories. Most debris and organic matter is hand gathered and placed into approved recycling bags for city pickup or personal composting. Leaf blowers are used to clear small debris and walkways/porches. Asphalt shingle sand can be spread in areas accidentally from age and erosion.
What type of roofing do you have?
Are there known clogging or overflowing issues?
Is there known damage to roofing or gutters?
Last cleaning date?
Are the rain gutters equipped with screening or “leafless” style additions?

All property maintenance and cleaning services are completed with guaranteed results. We use this survey to help our team prepare and understand each property to provide a quality service with the highest degree of professionalism.

Please let us know of any other concerns or questions you may have below.

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