Pro Services

Professional Technicians for your Property Maintenance needs! 

Hand Washed Windows and Doors

We use biodegradable soap and water with non-abrasive cleaning pads to ensure no damage is done to your glass or frames. Specialized window cleaning tools make the difference in amateur window washing and Professional Window Cleaning.

No Scratch Guarantee!!

 Pressure Washing Specialists

Our team specializes in soft-wash services for your properties' protection! All of our crew members are highly trained for all types of surfaces. Sandstone, Limestone, Lueder, brick and masonry, Ipe and all hardwoods, fencing, aluminum and vinyl siding, hardie and traditional siding, they all have their limits. 

Safe, professional detergents and chemicals are the only way to go! We keep your landscape and gardens safe and always use special care while maintaining a safe work site.

Rain Gutter Maintenance

Rain gutters play an important role for every property. Preventing erosion around the foundation and diverting the accumulated water are the main objectives for the rain gutters. 

Composted organic matter accumulated in the gutters attract ants and insects to your roof. Bi-annual maintenance is highly recommended depending on the types of trees and foliage.

<-----WHAT IF YOU HAVE A CACTUS growing in your gutter?

Safety is a priority for our crew and your family. Ladder accessories keep our crews safe and professional while cleaning the gutter troughs and roof valleys. Downspouts can be difficult to access and unclog, so Hire a Professional!
Other Services Offered:
Window Cleaning
Window Blind Cleaning
Window Restoration (Removal of paint, stain, cement, mortar, stucco, etc.)
Insect/ Solar Screen Cleaning
Outdoor Patios/ Screened Porches
Insect Debris Removal (wasp, hornet, dirt dauber, spider webs)
Light Fixtures and Chandeliers
Ceiling Fans
Mirrors/ Glass Showers
Stainless Steel
Gutter Cleaning
Leaf Pickup
Mildew/Algae Removal
Boat Dock Cleaning
Outdoor Concrete and Stone cleaning
Ceiling to Floor Dusting
Light Bulb Replacement
Holiday Lights and Decorations
All Tempered Glass
Custom Glass
Pressure Washing all exterior surfaces
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