Rain Gutter Maintenance

Roof Cleaning and Rain Gutter Maintenance

Maintenance for all sizes of properties, all types of roofing and up to 3 stories high.

Property Maintenance is our specialty at Fannin Pro Services. We aim to create a customized maintenance schedule for your home or building. Depending on the type of trees and foliage on your premises, maintenance can be needed up to 2-4 times a year. 

Why clean your gutters?
It is important to have Rain Gutters checked on a routine basis to prevent unwanted damage, pests, and smells. Neglecting full gutters, heavy debris in roof valleys and piled leaf matter on the ground can create a perfect home for unwanted insects and pests.

Rain Gutters full of debris can become heavy and sag away from the fascia (roof trim). This creates more issues such as water damage and leaking. Homeowners' insurance does not cover damage caused by neglecting to maintain your property, especially in these circumstances.

Gutter Screening
We also provide Gutter Screening installation on existing gutters. Gutter screening is not a fix all, but a preventative step to maintaining a common problem. See the catalog from our supplier here. You can expect the screening to pay for themselves within 3-5 years. (Based on annual maintenance costs without screening)
  • The screening allows water to flow to the gutter trough and down to the ground or french drain while deterring the leaves and branches from clogging the gutters and causing spillover or damage.  The screening will need to be cleared off and inspected annually or biannually, depending on the types of trees you have. 
  • Installing the gutter screening will save in maintenance costs and pricey repairs in the future. Book your Rain Gutter Consultation today!  Get an Instant Quote!
Professional is our middle name.
When it comes to Rain Gutter Cleaning, safety is the highest concern. Using equipment that is designed to prevent damage is a must! Fannin Professional Services is equipped with ladders that will not damage your roof, gutters, or walls. 

Gutter and Downspout cleaning is not always as easy as one might think. Depending on the Roof type (metal, shingle, ceramic or tile) and pitch, the safest way is not always easy. Our Professionals have experience to make the best decision for every situation. 

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