Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning by Hand

Fannin Professional Services & Window Cleaning is ready to make your home look better than ever. We offer extensively detailed services to simplify the daunting task of window maintenance.
Overwhelmed by the thought of getting ready for that party? Have no worries, Fannin Professional Services can handle it! 

Window detail and cleaning: 
All window cleaning is performed with non-abrasive hand tools, a sustainably produced detergent soap and surgical towels to prevent dust or streaks.

   Interior services include:
     - Hand cleaned and detailed glass
     - Window integrity inspection
     - Window seal cleaning ( 1 time fee at first cleaning)
     - Hardware locked and security system check for activation**
     - Drop cloths and shoe covers 
     - Ladder pads /accessories designed to prevent damage to walls and floors

   Exterior Services include:
     - Ladder pads /accessories to prevent damage to property siding , gutters 
     - Screen cleaning, detail and diligent removal/replacement
     - Frame and glass detailed by hand with non-abrasive tools and methods
     - Spider web, wasps nests and dirt dauber removal around window frames

New Construction/ Post Remodel glass detailing

Whether you are a Building Contractor or a Client of a Contractor, you have one focus, the finished product. Fannin Professional Services & Window Cleaning has the experience and knowledge to make the final product look astounding. From paint and stain to stucco, mortar and concrete, we have what it takes to make it just like new! Keep in mind the best way to keep your new windows and doors like new is to use Fannin Professional Services for all of your projects!
Commercial Windows

There is an abundance of Commercial Window Cleaning Services offering low cost labor, promising to beat the competitors price. What they don't mention is how their employees have little to no experience. At Fannin Professional Services & Window Cleaning, all you get is experience! From Bank buildings, to Car Dealerships, to Real Estate Brokers' offices and even Restaurants, Fannin Professional Services has done it all. Whether your building has high pedestrian volume or high dollar inventory we have the experience to make the difference. Customized services for every property is the key to our success. Weekend service, NO Problem! Late Night, NO Problem! We will utilize all our expertise to make you satisfied and leave your property looking pristine!
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